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It isn't one more of those boring tournaments. But it is at the heart of the biggest online casino event of the year in this online gambling mecca. Yes – the different casino sites have decided to gamble against each other. Using casino consultant advisors every online casino site on the net participating on this contest sent, each and every site was supposed to compete on calculating the odds of slot machine winnings. Over the next three weeks from that date, Giorgi Zubrovkov, our very own casino consultant representative will shut himself in a windowless office for the better part of each day. Mr. Walker directs one of Online slot machines biggest operations, at all conducted over the net supervised by Casino rewards online casino program. As he slurps Diet Coke and gazes into four computer monitors under a fluorescent glare, he will be involved in a continual cat-and- mouse attempt to outwit other casino consultant advisors and professional bettors at casino rewards casinos: Zodiac casino, Lucky Emperor, Golden Tiger, Virtual city casino etc… Last Year, casino consultant took in $100,000 in wagers (including a small amount bet on the way for himself), according to the Online Gambling Control Board. Indeed, this casino consultant tournament is so popular with Online casino websites that casinos don't bother advertising heavily amongst the site owners, which once used to draw webmasters into joining. The same casino consultant s will come anyway. The contest was held on casino rewards offices in vegas "just put pressure on each casino consultant," says Bill Marlon, president of the Lucky Emperor online casino, which will triple the number of cocktail waitresses while stuffing as many as 3,00 casino consultant advisors into the sports book, a betting area of the Office with seats for 50. "It's my favorite time of the year," says Mr. Maccalen, who adds he will bet an "obscene" amount of money against the other casino consultant. "I will defenetly take the win this year for my website. I own it, I run it and I am also my own casino consultant, so the winnings are all at my stake – that's just the way I love it. Why would I need to hire a casino consultant from outside sources? He would definitely wont be a better casino consultant than me… The excitement for Mr. Zubrovkov began yesterday, when the tournament's initial matchups were announced. casino consultant advisors all over the world immediately went to work calculating the chances for each Slot machine. Within a few hours, casinos began to put up the first odds for various types of online slot machine games. A casino consultant of each website can bet on outcomes including the tournament champion, the winner of any online slot machine jackpot (including multi hand poker slot machine and multi line slot machines) or the "big jackpot game" in which a gambler bets on the big online jackpot. Mr. Zubrovkov scans odds offered at rival websites created by other casino consultant advisors, comparing and analyzing the data gathered by him as quickly as possible, to help determine the odds each casino consultant will set. The tournament is more of a gamble for him. This year, to reduce the risk of a mistake, he gathered information from all the different casino consultant advisors -- to help out by providing comparison information. The casino consultant advisors has long used this Method (gathering information from other casino consultant advisors) to use the numbers to help him establish his own odds for the online slot machines. Odds are generated by casino consultant advisors from nearly freakish amounts of data. George Bell, one of the owners Casino rewards, tracks casino consultant advisors and teams throughout the tournament, compiling data in loose-leaf binders. He considers details like whether a casino consultant knows his job or not. He tracks slot machine odds created by the casino consultant advisors in order to check his own online slot machine odds. Actually, This method is used by the casino to insure the Online slot machines could not be fooled with by online players. Mr. Bell uses the casino consultant odds as a finishing point, after his software casino check programs have checked his online slot machine probability. Mr. Bell goal is a "perfect two-way," that point at which the Slot machines are perfectly balanced, so the casino neither wins nor loses on the wagers -- but simply keeps the fee it charges on each winning bet. A perfect two-way is nearly impossible. "Even in heaven that would never happen," he says. Casinos expect to make lots of money from slot machine gamblers. Because they are so lucrative for casinos, slot machine demands some skill, but usually cannot be fooled. Many professional casino consultant advisors make a comfortable living at it, legally, and the goal is actually to let them try to calculate odds for the online slot machine, and at the same time let the online systems learn the ways to prevent calculation of odds of a slot machine, thus making it uncheatable. Unlike many other casino consultant advisors who work in ground casinos, Mr. Zubrovkov has never attempted to be a professional gambler. He started out as a sports fan and writer at a small paper in Washington state. These days, he became a master of online casino gambling. "I really cry and bleed every time I lose," He says. "The problem is not to be a casino consultant , the problem is I don't have any more favorite teams anymore," says Mr. Zubrovkov. "I don't play the casino for fun, I just want to see other gamblers scores." inside, other casino consultant advisors see the odds change immediately on a huge plasma screen. Many casino consultant advisors may assume different odds about different online slot machines, Those odds represent the spread set by the casino to attract bets on online slot machines. The odds are advertised on the different websites allowing the players to use the different casino consultant odds to use for their own betting. Mr. Zubrovkov, as a casino consultant spends much of his time trying to outmaneuver professional software programs. Amateurs casino consultant advisors make mistakes. Professional casino consultant, often operating in teams, take advantage of differences in odds among casinos and sometimes place bets simultaneously at multiple casinos before the odds can be changed in response. "It's all about efficiency in the market," Mr. Zubrovkov says, "and these guys are very, very good."



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